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Our city. Our news.

Owned and operated by a Norwalk family, is an online newspaper that covers all things Norwalk, providing stories about local government, businesses, education, sports, weather and events, plus obituaries, crime/accident reports and milestones such as births, engagements, weddings and anniversaries. 


Henry Timman, Jim Busek, Debbie Leffler and Madeline Roche each write a weekly column.


What’s more, publishes public records offerings such as real estate transactions, marriage licenses, grand jury reports, court roundups, fugitives lists and more.


The popular “Good Morning Norwalk” daily video discusses local stories, events and weather.


If you want to be the first to know about Norwalk news that matters to you, this online newspaper is for you. The reporting is accurate, thorough and timely. For instance, a city council meeting story is published the same night as the meeting. 


Further, because is politically neutral, stories are written in an unbiased, straight-forward manner, without opinions being inserted. There also is no online commenting. is everything you want in a community newspaper — including an affordable price. A one-year subscription costs only $36, which averages $3 per month or a dime per day. A one-month trial for $7 also is available.


As the print newspaper industry continues to decline, a desperate need for accurate, unbiased and thorough reporting of local news and events remains. For the Norwalk community, that need is being addressed by this media outlet — Norwalk Ohio News. The very affordable subscription cost of $4 per month* allows community journalism to continue in Norwalk.


* NOTE: The $4-per-month cost applies to those who purchase a one-year subscription. Otherwise, the cost is $7 per month.

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